Business Continuity Management

Product portfolio

  • Planning, implementation and receipt of an Business Continuity Management System
  • Identification of important business processes
  • Reviewing of damages from shutdowns of specific processes (Business Impact Analysis)
  • Analysis of risk, that can lead to processes shutdowns (Risk Analysis)
  • Definition of measurements to reduce or avoid those risks
  • Creating of plans which will help to start the process after an emergency shutdown
  • Execution of BCM-Practice and Awareness-Measurements

In all shortness

the buildup of an Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) is used to to prepare for an potential business process shutdown. Which business processes continue to exist after a building fire and which not? How does a encryption Trojan or a shutoff of an supplier affect the production? While building up and maintenancing of the BCMS there will be the creation of plans and measurements to minimize those risk, so the business processes can almost instantly fire up again after an shutdown. Important is the norm in the context of the ISO 22301 and BSI-Norm 100-4.

Using the Synergy-Effect!

Is your company already certificated after the ISO 9001. 27001 or 14001? Use the Synergy-Effect. Those ISOs base on the same structure as the ISO 22301 from an Integrated Management System. We will explain everything.

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