Internal Control System

Product portfolio

  • Implementing and optimising of an “Internal Control System”
  • Documentation of an “Internal Control System”
  • Preparation for inspection after the IDW PS 951
  • Preparation for inspection after the ISAE 3402
  • Support with internal revision

In all shortness

The topics about missing control awareness, missing management as well as economical crimes and corruption are getting more and more to the public awareness. For this topic companies need to prepare with reputation risks and financial risks, which can be partially concern risk, and to minimize those. But how can a company protect itself from those risks and how can it implement an effective and efficient Control System?

The buildup of an internal Control System, which will protect all processes, business areas, material and immaterial financial assets a company draws to itself. In our time those are vital for a company. Did you know that companies which fall under germany's legislation have set up an internal Control System and have to document it.

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