About us

Our Philosophy


Passion is our fuel! We love our business. Each and every Veritas employee puts all of his efforts into his work to push things forward. Individual customer care is the key element in all our work and in our daily routine we repeatedly prove solution-focused acting, a fast investigation of causes and management.

Man Power

We greatly value our employees since they are our most precious possession. We create a respectful working environment with a lot of latitude, flexible working hours and Home-Office. Further education is essential to us because only then can we keep up with our modern times and care for our customers with the highest niveau.

Fair Play

To recognize and deal with changes, in our modern time, is the biggest challenge. And for that to happen, it needs to happen in the whole team, because every employee is a part of our Veritas family. For every single worker we identify his or her strengths and then we can choose the tasks and teams carefully. We take responsibility for each other so we can evolve an work atmosphere that is based on respect, trust, honesty and fairness.


Our openness and ability to take criticism are the foundation to constantly improve ourselves. Within the Veritas familyamily we demand and encourage constructiveness.

Company History

  • Successful for 18 years …

    We connect our Know How to raise your efficiency and your success for / since 18 years now, national and international. We think and work connected to use our synergie for your success, so we can deliver you holistic and sustained service.

  • Outsourcing and Founding …

    Outsourcing of the business areas IT Recruitment, Information Security & Data Protection and IT Services & Solutions
    into the Veritas Management+ Group GmbH & Co. KG with the headquarters being in Munich Grünwald


  • Expansion of our activity field …

    Buildup of the business areas IT Enterprise Services & Solutions and IT Recruitment


  • Expansion of our activity field …

    Development / Enlargement in the business areas information security and data protection


  • Relocation …

    The Veritas Management GmbH moved to Schliersee


  • Founding of the company …

    Veritas Management GmbH in Rosenheim. The focus was: IT Interim Management,
    IT Realignment, IT Strategy Development and IT Renovation


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